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Davis-Moore Auto Group knows the value and importance of providing a comprehensive benefits program to its employees. We have designed our benefits programs to meet the growing and demanding needs of our employees in an effort that allows them to choose which benefits are right for them and their families.

Our program offers the following benefits to employees on the 1st of the month following 60-days of employment. Employee must be full-time (30 or more hours per week) to be eligible for these benefits however, certain benefits are offered to part-time staff as well. (Please note that the benefits high-lighted in this summary is an overview only. All benefits offered through Davis-Moore are provided in accordance with the provision of the plan documents).


Our medical plan utilizes a PPO network that allows employees and their dependents to enroll in a comprehensive plan with deductibles and co-insurance features at affordable rates. Davis-Moore offers a tradition PPO plan and a QHDHP for employees to choose from.


Our prescription drug program allows employees and their families the convenience of mail order or retail pharmacy benefits at great rates and is included with your medical benefits.


Comprehensive vision benefits are included when an employee and/or their dependents elect to enroll in our medical plan. This program covers annual eye exams only. Vision hardware coverage is available for employees and their dependents as well through a separate plan.


Employees and their dependents may choose to participate in our comprehensive dental coverage benefits which include diagnostic and preventive care along with other basic and major services.

Flexible Spending/Reimbursement Accounts

Health Care Reimbursement Account
Employees may elect to contribute pre-tax dollars into their FSA for expenses they have incurred not covered by their medical, vision or prescription plans.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Employees may contribute to their Dependent Care Account to offset the cost of expenses associated with qualifying childcare or day care providers for disabled adult dependents.

Section 125

Those employees who choose to participate in the Davis-Moore Medical, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending and Qualifying Accident Coverage benefits are able to pay for their contributions with pre-tax dollars.

Life/AD&D Insurance

Davis-Moore provides all full-time employees with a Group Life and Accidental Death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, and pays the full cost of this benefit.

Employee Life Insurance

Employees who wish to supplement their group life insurance benefits may purchase additional coverage for themselves so long as they are a full-time employee. Beneficiary Assist ® and Estate Guidance ® are also available with this benefit.

Dependent Life Insurance

Employees that are full-time and wish to purchase additional life insurance coverage on their spouse and/or dependent children may do so through two different plan options under the Davis-Moore benefits plan. Beneficiary Assist ® and Estate Guidance ® are also available with this benefit.

Short-Term Disability

Davis-Moore offers short-term disability benefits for full-time employees. If the employee voluntarily elects to participate in this benefit, then the employer pays the full cost of your long-term disability coverage.

Long-Term Disability

This benefit is available for those full-time employees who elected to participate in the short-term disability coverage and is paid for by the employer. Ability Assist® is also available with this program.

Group Accident Protection
An accident insurance plan that provides benefits to help cover the cost associated with unexpected bills and expenses for life's emergencies.

Critical Illness Coverage
Is designed to provide coverage for out-of-pocket expenses related to cancer or specified events (stroke, heart disease, paralysis and other related conditions).

Life Events Legal Plan
A comprehensive program provides nationwide legal service benefit for full-time employees and their families.

Identity Theft Shield
Allows employees and their families to enroll in a program that helps protect their identity and restore their information which also includes daily credit monitoring services.

Fitness/Wellness Memberships

Davis-Moore is a proud supporter and sponsor of the Wichita and surrounding area YMCA's. Our company makes discounted single or family memberships available to employees and their families for their health and well-being.

Well U

Well U is 24/7 access to Davis-Moore's Wellness University and comprehensive benefit programs and services that educates employees and families about good health. Our program includes a host of educational seminars, programs, events and services that allow participants to get involved in as little or as much as they want.

Retirement Savings

Davis-Moore sponsors a 401(k) plan and profit sharing program for employees once they have completed one year of service with the company and all other eligibility criteria has been met. Employee's accounts are vested at a rate of 20% after each year of service to 100% after 5 years of service to the company. The employer will match up to 2% once you are eligible to participate in the plan. Employees can elect to participate in a traditional (pre-tax) or a Roth (post-tax) 401K program as they choose. 

Employee Assistance Plan

Davis-Moore provides CONFIDENTIAL assessments, referrals, resources and crisis intervention services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through EMPAC. From time to time, employees and their immediate families may be in need of additional resources. Therefore, this employee assistance plan is sponsored by the employer at no cost to the employee.


Davis-Moore observes six holidays each year.

Employee Discounts

Employees and their immediate family are eligible to receive generous discounts from Davis-Moore on parts, service and vehicle purchases.

Vacation/ Sick-Personal Time Off

Davis-Moore truly believes in work-life balance and taking time off from work is essential to a healthy and productive employee. Davis-Moore offers generous time off for vacation after one year of service and the amount of time you earn continues to grow the longer you are with our organization. Additionally, we all know certain life events happen and things come up unexpectedly, that is why we have personal time off that can be earned after hire for employees to use as needed.

Family and Medical Leave Act 

Click here to view a copy of your FMLA summary rights.