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Be Prepared

Being prepared is the key for any interview, regardless of the company. At Davis-Moore we encourage you to review this website and learn as much as you can about our organization. This website will provide you information about our company history, what you can expect from us as a company and what we'll expect of you as an employee, and benefits that we offer. Learning all you can about Davis-Moore and the position you are applying for will enable you to feel more comfortable while you are with us and help you make more informed decisions about your career. When you arrive for your interview PLEASE BE ON TIME. The automotive retail industry is consistently busy throughout the day, but we want to make sure we set aside ample time to interview you. Be sure to DRESS APPROPRIATELY for your interview. In doing so, you will feel confident about yourself and the position for which you are applying.

Interview Process

Our interviewing and selection process may include but not be limited to:

PHONE INTERVIEW - This is where you may be contacted by one of our recruiters or hiring managers prior to a face-to-face interview. This allows us to gather information about you and gives you the opportunity to present yourself in the same professional manner as in a face-to-face interview.

FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW - When you are invited to meet with us at one of our facilities, you will meet with an individual from our Human Resource team, the hiring supervisor and possibly other key individuals from Davis-Moore that are involved in the hiring process. Come prepared to ask questions of the interviewer. We want you to take full advantage of your time spent with us.

PANEL INTERVIEW - This interview is very similar to the face-to-face interview but several Davis-Moore team members will conduct your interview in a small group setting. This allows you to meet with several of our associates in order to learn more about the position, our company and its culture plus save you time by cutting down on repeat questions.

As a candidate interviewing with Davis-Moore, you should always be prepared to answer questions about your work history, experience and education. Candidates, who interview with us will encounter behavioral based interviewing methods which enable us to learn more about situations or projects that you have previously encountered, describe what actions were taken and explain to us the results or feedback of the situation.


Don't panic: Testing is only part of the interviewing process that candidates encounter at Davis-Moore. However, we do have certain tests for different occupations within our company. All testing is done on-site and will help us determine the right candidate for the position.

Pre-Employment Screening

In connection with your application at Davis-Moore, any offer of employment that may be extended to you would be contingent upon successful completion of a motor vehicle record and criminal background check plus a pre-employment drug screen.


After your interview, Davis-Moore will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible in writing or by phone of the status of your interview and our decision.

Come prepared, relax and be yourself. We look forward to meeting you and certainly appreciate your time and interest in employment opportunities at Davis-Moore.