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What We Expect

TEAMWORK - We expect you to be a part of the team, helping other employees whenever it's necessary. Teamwork is a vital part of a successful career at Davis-Moore.

ATTITUDE - We expect a positive, enthusiastic attitude each day you come to work.

EDUCATION - We expect you to put forth the time and energy to constantly improve your skill or trade. Whether you are in sales or service, parts or administration, Davis-Moore has continuous educational opportunities for you.

ATTIRE - We want to portray a positive and professional image and first impressions go a long way. Men and women are expected to dress professionally and neatly.

PRIDE & PROFESSIONALISM - Our staff is expected to be professional at all times, making the customers experience easy and pleasant. Taking pride in the organization is key to our success. Everything from the cleanliness of the dealership, display of vehicles, efficiency of the sales or service process and customer satisfaction is important to us.

What You Can Expect

TEAMWORK - You can expect to be part of a great team of Sales, Parts, Service and Administrative professionals working towards a common goal of satisfying customers.

TRAINING - Like no other training in our industry. Davis-Moore University offers classes designed for learning at all skill levels and experience. Interactive training catered to the adult learner is what our corporate learning center offers to every employee. We offer classes for sales, parts, service and administrative employees. Plus our basic sales training class is information packed and inspirational so you truly get a hands-on education at Davis-Moore.

INTEGRITY - You can expect honesty in every aspect of the organization from dealing with customers to other employees and our vendors.

ADVERTISING - We actively promote our products and services through radio, television, newspaper and the internet. This not only makes our presence known, but also put forth a great image that reflects our organization.

INVENTORY - Davis-Moore has a huge inventory of vehicles and parts for customers to choose from. We stock hundreds of new and used vehicles and parts for our customers convenience.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT - You can expect Davis-Moore to reward you for hard work and efforts. As a top performer opportunities to advance through the organization are endless and we will help you get there.